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Birthday or Advent Spiral - 24 openings, Natural

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This Birthday Spiral or Advent Spiral creates a special atmosphere on each occasion: for birthday tables, for decoration on a window-sill, and on the nature table at Christmas time. Because of its 24 holes, one can use it as an advent calendar as well. Light up a candle on every day, or let a candle go from hole to hole. Decorate it with our Decorative Figures, the little vase with flowers, and candles. You can also form it like a wave or simply use only one part for decoration. 8 pieces, which have three holes each. Materials: lime wood, non-toxic plant based oil finish. Size: diameter 40cm.

The birthday ring tradition originates from Germany as a way to honor the anniversary of a child's birth and show reverence for each year. A Birthday Ring consists of a wooden circle with holes representing each year of life. Traditionally, on the child's first birthday, a candle is placed on the ring and the rest of the holes are filled with figures or objects special to the child. On each consecutive birthday, another candle is added. This reverent family ritual spirals back around each year as the family focuses on the birthday child.

Some families place candles in the ring corresponding to the number of years the child is turning (so 3 candles for 3 years old) and then fill the remaining holes with wood and other decorations symbolizing the child's interests or events of the year. As the child gets older more candles are added and the wooden objects are moved into the center of the ring as a reminder of past birthday celebrations. Other families fill the ring with candles exclusively while others simply add a wooden object each year choosing something that holds particular meaning for the child. There is no right or wrong way to create the birthday ring! As the family gathers around the table that the ring is placed on, they honor the child by sharing a memory from each year.

The wooden ring can be purchased in sizes to accommodate 12, 16, or 24 years. The latter can also be used to celebrate the advent journey.


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