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The vision for Circle of Hands arose from a group of local artisans who wanted to create a store-front for their wares. Gathering as a “collective”, with the mission of providing natural material, locally-made items to families, their healthy, beautiful crafts were made available to the public to view, hold and buy - as opposed to just online purchasing. All those involved had been part of Waldorf school communities at some point in their lives and their work reflected their belief in the values promoted there. An inspiring yet challenging year ensued as the public responded positively but many of the crafters realized they needed to spend more time on their craft-work and less time behind the sales-counter. When the collective disbanded, Leslie Young, (who was the book-seller of the group, not one of the hands-on artists) decided to take the store to the next level, to own and run it. She rented a larger space and worked closely with all the craftspeople involved, proudly carrying their wares as well as expanding the inventory to include other natural toy companies and artists. Another year passed and the business took off, necessitating a move to a larger location – one was found in the new Barlow area of Sebastopol. The Barlow property had once been a thriving cannery when the Gravenstein Apple was king in Northern California; but, as times changed, it had fallen into disrepair. A visionary entrepreneur invested in it to transform the vacant dilapidated buildings and weed-infested acreage into an eclectic rehabbed light industrial/retail/restaurant complex, complete with fire pits, lawns, fruit trees, a mix of modern & historic buildings, and many pleasant walking paths – a great family outing spot. So, we invite you to visit us when you are in town – at least once, to be able to touch the lovely items that we carry on our website and experience the charming town of Sebastopol.



~ Leslie Young

Our  artists and vendors include but are not limited to:

  • The Puppenstube – Handmade Dolls and Toys
  • Sofee & Lenee – Rainwear, Hats, and Crayon rolls
  • Sarah’s Silks – Silk for Imaginative Play
  • Tania Prosser – Upcycled Textile Accessories and Dolls
  • Grimm’s – Wooden toys from Germany
  • Truth's Dolls
  • Jodi Daprano Dolls
  • Kelly Gast Fiber Arts
  • Heartwood Arts - Bill Bluhm
  • Bee Happy – Beeswax Candles
  • Soap Cauldron – Natural Herbal Soaps and Bath Products

Shop Location

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Our shop is located in the Barlow Center right next to ZaZu Restaurant and just a few blocks from downtown Sebastopol, CA.

Circle of Hands
6780 McKinley Street, Suite 120
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone Number: 707-634-6140

Hours: Open Daily 10 AM to 5 PM. Open December 24th, Christmas Eve until 3 p.m.