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Our Team

There are many nurturing  hands that make up our team at Circle of Hands:

Leslie Young - Owner

I have been drawn to simple, natural toys and hand-made children’s items since my own kids were young Waldorf students. For more than 20 years, I worked in a Waldorf school office and managed their store along with my other duties. With Circle of Hands, I am now fulfilling a long-time dream of having a shop that provides customers with a brilliant selection of Waldorf-inspired products – soft dolls, wooden animals/play objects, and art/craft materials – all with an eye towards stimulating the child’s creativity. We also offer natural-fiber clothing items, beeswax candles, art cards, and a wonderful selection of hard-to-find classic books that I’ve personally selected for children and families. My goal is to help nurture your child, to emphasize his/her imaginative play, and to provide beauty in your home. I envision this shop as a magical fairyland of possibilities for children, parents, and all their friends!


 Abi Porter - Sales Associate

Abi hails from Texas and is a retired high school teacher, avid music lover, and grandmother of three young children. In her spare time, Abi makes crystal jewelry and knows everything there is to know about the properties of the crystals and rocks carried at Circle of Hands. She is excellent at helping customers make the perfect selection for the young child in their life. You will know her instantly by her Southern drawl and warm welcome.