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This ebony and padauk laminated wood Kaleidoscope is just one of the many unique gifts we offer. Made by N&J Enterprises, this Kaleidoscope uses mirrors and a glass ball lens to turn whatever you aim it at into a beautifully radiating geometric pattern.They come in varying shapes and designs:

Walnut: Solid color with rotating lens

Two Toned: Light color with dark trimmings, rotating lens

Rosewood: Solid dark color without rotating lens

Laminated Padauk Marquetry: Multi-colored with one section of design, with horizontal stripes of trimming. 

Padauk Wide: One strip of design, with diagonal stripes of different types of wood. 

Laminated Padauk/Ebony Eye: Multi-colored, with oval dark shapes out of wood. Made from Ebony, Padauk, and Jalneem woods