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Stockmar Wax Stick/Block Crayons - 8 of each color standard assortment

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Stockmar Wax Crayons are a staple of many Waldorf schools and meet the highest educational, aesthetic and artistic demands. Elegantly designed, with attractive packaging and a pleasant fragrance (from the beeswax ingredient), these crayons appeal to the child's senses. The colors shine for all types of projects, including drawing, painting and layering, and will provide years of pure drawing pleasure. Outstanding drawing properties (no crumbling, sticking, smudging etc) non-toxic and a sound concept for art education are what make Stockmar Wax Crayons top the list of children's art materials. Colors include: carmine red, orange, lemon yellow, green, blue, blue violet, rust and black in each style, block and stick, in the same tin box - a versatile assortment for art projects!