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Wooden Pirate Ship

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A fantastic sailing ship full of detailed accessories (23 pieces) and realistic items to play with sailing the seas of fantasy! Six pirates ready for all form the ship's crew sharing tasks between them: there are sails to lower, a look-out to view looming dangers, the captain at the stern steering the rudder and so many sacks of food supplies and barrels to be stacked in the hold. But take care, enemy in sight, prepare the cannon! and when land is well nigh, after a brief look at the map, all aboard the lifeboat, looking for the treasure you should set sail along with them on this wonderful adventure!

Detailed with a crows nest, port holes, an anchor and many other features such as the captains wheel!

You can also make your prisoners walk the plank! Feast your eyes on this ship and yo-ho-ho your way into hours of fun!

The crew comes along with this ship and the whole set includes 23 pieces! The Pirate Ship encourages role play and new vocabulary too!

Box Contains
1 ship
6 pirates
4 swords
1 parrot
1 skeleton
1 rescue boat
1 map
1 treasure chest
3 sacks
2 cannon
2 barrels

All pigments and finishes on wooden parts are vegetable based. They are non-toxic and kid-friendly.